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Toyota Fortuner 2012 Facelift

August 28, 2012 By: afiqomp Category: Asian Car, Toyota

After seeing the Toyota Hilux with a new engine and a new look, we have assumed that the Fortuner will carry the next generation faces new Hilux. Allegations became a reality after the 2012 Toyota Fortuner launched in Thailand. Both vehicles are made on the basis of the same platform. Even if you want a little mischievous, we can mention the Fortuner as its station wagon version of the Hilux. Fortuner 2012 brings a new look similar to the Hilux.

Toyota Fortuner 2012 Front View

Starting from the front with a new chrome look, with a grille like the compound eyes of a razor. In addition, the Fortuner is also equipped with alloy velk options, like-refinement in the interior of the instrument panel and some other fittings.

In Thailand, the Fortuner is available in two diesel engine options are 3.0-liter unit and the powerful 163 hp 2.5-liter unit that is able to provide 144 hp. Just like the new Toyota Hilux engine that was launched in several Asian countries.

Toyota Fortuner 2012 Interior Other Above View

In addition to diesel engines, while still providing Fortuner 2.7 liter petrol engine variant is capable of releasing power of 160 hp.The new face of big cars that look tough and reliable.

Courtesy image carscoop


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