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Smart Brabus 10Th Anniversary 100 Unit

January 24, 2013 By: afiqomp Category: European Cars, Smart, Unique Car

Two seater car to greet the 10th anniversary of the collaboration between smart and BRABUS, super-mini vehicle manufacturers are introducing smart-BRABUS 10th Anniversary edition. For-two model-based, two-seat high-performance car is only 100 units produced for specific customers.

10th anniversary smart brabus review front side

With improved engine performance of this Two seater car, smart-fortwo BRABUS is capable of producing 102 hp maximum powers and peak torque of 147 Nm. Performance is able to bring the smart to a speed of 155 km / h. While to go from rest to a speed of 100 km / h only takes 8.9 seconds.

smart brabus review rear view

Two Seater Car 10Th Anniversary
Two seater car 10th Anniversary Edition is made with some differences. Tridion safety cell, body panels, including the grille and rear view mirror with a silver-colored liquid. While the front spoiler and side skirts in contrast to standard models of BRABUS. BRABUS logo located on the front hood and rear doors are also decorated in red. Even the inside of the headlights melted titanium color.

smart brabus review dashboard

Two Seater Car 10Th Anniversary
In the interior difference 10th Anniversary Two-seater car lies in the use of color stools black. Meanwhile, to offset the black character and strengthen the rough sport some interior panels were given a touch of red.

pictures of Smart Brabus Two Seater Car 10Th Anniversary

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