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New Supercar McLaren P1 Concept

December 29, 2012 By: afiqomp Category: European Cars, McLaren, Video

Automobile manufacturers supercar McLaren showcase concept car P1 inspired by F1 racing division. McLaren, in an official announcement on its website, calling the production version (selling) supercar McLaren P1 it will be shown in 2013. “Twenty years ago we featured a series of supercar performance with the McLaren F1, and our goal through ‘McLaren P1′ is to define it once again,” said Chief Executive McLaren, Ron Dennis.

Supercar McLaren P1 At PMS 2012

New Supercar McLaren
McLaren P1 body design is aerodynamic and prioritizes the “downforce” of 600 pounds under the maximum speed or five times greater than the McLaren 12C.
A car with carbon fiber material that surrounds his body has the power and weight ratio of 600PS per ton.
“McLaren P1 will have a very powerful engine, super brakes, and suspension control better,” said Program Director McLaren, Paul Mackenzie.

Supercar McLaren P1 Rear Preview

New Supercar McLaren
Mackenzie said the increased capacity of its predecessor P1 McLaren also includes agility and confidence for the driver when the vehicle is traveling at low speeds-’related to the level of downforce P1′.
Despite having huge downforce, P1 also features ‘drag reduction system’ (DRS) to reduce ‘downforce’ and increase the speed like F1 cars.
McLaren did not mention the technical information including engine P1, but claimed performance ‘supercar’ this new, better than ‘MP4-12 C’ and ‘MP4-12 C Spider’, as well as the sale price.
McLaren promised to announce the price and technical information ‘McLaren P1′ in early 2013.

Pictures of New Supercar McLaren P1
Video of New Supercar McLaren P1

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