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BMW Concept Car i3 Interior

March 03, 2013 By: afiqomp Category: BMW, European Cars, Future Car, News

Many people are always fascinated to see reliability of European cars. About the reliability of machines and designs are always amazing. Now we’re talking about the BMW Concept i3, which is said have a new interior look, the interior is actually still the same as the first model i3.

BMW Concept Car i3 Interior

BMW Concept Car

BMW Concept Car i3

There are only a change in color and some added material in seat. BMW Concept Car the plan will be produced in 2013, the BMW plant in Leipzig Germany. Well, although there was no significant change, but what the designers do to the BMW Concept Car which displayed at a shop in London give a complete picture directly to the public about the BMW Concept Car i3.

Pictures of BMW Concept Car i3 Interior

courtesy image carscoop

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