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VW Beetle Convertible 2013 Priced € 21.350

March 07, 2013 By: afiqomp Category: European Cars, Volkswagen

This is the New Volkswagen Beetle Convertible. Volkswagen still follows the same formula as its predecessor which combines retro style, hatchback body and roof of traditional software. Soft roof can be opened and closed at speeds of about 48 km / h for 10 seconds, which is located behind the rear seats when folded down.

Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Front Detail View

Volkswagen Beetle Convertible
With interiors designed spacious and comfortable, Volkswagen Beetle Convertible can accommodate 4 passengers with luggage volume of 225 liters. To protect passengers in the event of an accident, Volkswagen has strengthened A-pillars and develops Automatic Rollover Support System which combines the two roll-over bars hidden behind the rear seats folding rear bench.
Flat roofline and a more upright windshield gives the car a more closely aligned with the first-generation Beetle Cabriolet.

Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Interior Side

Volkswagen Beetle Convertible
Volkswagen Beetle Convertible will be offered with a choice of 7 engines. Lowest type using the engine (105PS) 1.2-liter TSI 104hp. With the same engine but for the BlueMotion Technology will also be sold. Other gasoline engine that (160PS) 1.4-liter TSI 158hp and 197hp (200ps) 2.0-liter TSI. As for choice of diesel (105PS) 1.6-liter 103Hp and 138Hp TDI (140PS) 2.0-liter TDI.
Volkswagen will sell the Volkswagen Beetle Convertible in the summer of 2013. For the German market, schedule bookings opened in November 2012 at a price of € 21.350.

Pictures of Volkswagen Beetle Convertible

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