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2012 BMW M5 Power 160 hp by Hamann

January 28, 2013 By: afiqomp Category: BMW, European Cars, Tuning

Hamann Motorsport released the results of the latest modification of the final generation of the BMW M5. In the hands of home modifications from Laupheim in southern Germany, the latest BMW M5 sports car appeared to be an aggressive fighter. According to Hamann, the design of the latest BMW M5 now keep better aerodynamic element.

Exterior View of 2012 BMW M5 Hamann

This is very advantageous to be developed into a more athletic. In this latest project to transform M5 Hamann by shifting the focus to the body width. To do so, attach additional HAMANN fender in front of 25 mm thick and 30 mm at the rear. Both palapis fender has an incision to the air gap.

Hamann also install a roof spoiler at the rear and on the trunk. Both wings are produced by strong kevlar fiber material. The same material used on the outside rearview mirrors, shark fin on top, four door handles, side grille and rear diffuser in the bumper.

While a fixed width for the appearance of the body as a figure pour soul-powered, Hamann installed ultra-lightweight alloy forged UNIQUE II with dimensions 9.5Jx21-inch (front) and 12.0Jx21-inch (rear).

Interior view of 2012 BMW M5 Hamann

Alloy wheels tires were later joined Continental Sport Contact 5P-profile 265/30 ZR 21 (front) and 325/25 ZR 21 (rear). With this new M5 shoe is guaranteed to have better control because the center of gravity increased by 30 percent.

What about performance? It is definitely loud roar came from the violent crushing the air out. This is because using the new mufler. And certainly, the energy produced V8 engine, the 160 hp and torque increases up to 220nm.

See more picture of 2012 BMW M5 Hamann

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