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1903 Ford Model A for Auction Starting $300.000

March 22, 2013 By: afiqomp Category: America Car, Classic Cars, Ford, News, Unique Car

Last month you may have heard that the oldest car manufacturers from the U.S. auctioned in Hersey, Pennsylvania. The car was called the Ford Model A was produced in 1903 ago. This time, the car is only produced three units was re-auctioned RM Auctions. This old car opens for auction starting USD300.000 until USD500.000.

Ford Model A 1903

Ford Model A for auction
First owner was Herbert L McNary. He is the origin of the butter maker Britt, Iowa. But not long after he sold it back in 1950 to Harry E Burd. Once repaired by Burd and owned for 11 years, eventually returning to the dealership remove Burd Ford in Switzerland and lasted until 2001. Then successfully sent back this old car to U.S.

old ford vehicles parts

1903 Ford Model A
From there, the last owner of the Ford Model A was the John O’Quinn. He managed to buy it at the auction house at a price high enough. Only the last few years, from 2007 to 2012, John intends to auction it off again with a much higher price. Interested?

Pictures of 1903 Ford Model A

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